Falafel Suppliers

Falafel Suppliers

Elfalafel are wholesale falafel suppliers, who supply fresh falafel though out the UK using a next day delivery service. Our falafel range consists of regular falafel, spinach falafel and chilli falafel which is made using natural ingredients and is supplied direct to your door anywhere in the UK.

Our falafel is made using fresh natural ingredients daily at our premises in Edinburgh and we take care in the production and packaging of  falafel for wholesale supply. We have a small minimum order requirement so you can purchase as little at 100 falafels at a time which are packaged and labelled correctly so they can be frozen in bags of 20 falafels per bag and used as and when needed.

If you are considering falafel suppliers in the UK then the Elfalafel who have been falafel suppliers to the wholesale falafel market and falafel distributors in the UK since 2007.

We also supply free falafel samples of our falafel range before you place a falafel order to try the quality of our falafel.To request your free falafel samples please call us direct on:

07957 974877

or email us at sales@elafalafel.com

For free samples please fill in our wholesale enquiry form


We look forward to working with you to bring you fresh falafel daily to add to your range of  foods.