Frozen Falafel

Frozen Falafel

Elfalafel can do a range of frozen falafels for supermarkets and stores. The frozen falafels can have your own brand packaging and the falafel sizes can vary to suit your requirements. The frozen falafels will be transported to your depot via refrigerated transport and quantities can vary depending on your requirements.

The frozen falafels will be made from fresh ingredients and the falafel ball weight can range from 15g to 45g per falafel depending on your requirements. The frozen falafels are fully cooked so heating instructions will be microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

If you require your own packaging, Elfalafel will work with you to come up with suitable design with ingredients to be displayed on your packaging. Alternatively Elfalafel can provide you with our own packaging made from environmentally friendly recycled cardboard. The frozen range can also be vacuum packed to avoid freezer burn and can be delivered thoughout the UK with the standard shelf life of frozen food. 

If you are interested in expanding to frozen falafels in your supermarket and store and are even considering your own branded version of falafels please use our wholesale falafel enquiry form to request some samples. The samples will reflect a similar taste and texture to the frozen falafel range that we can provide you.