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Elfalafel do wholesale deliveries of falafel and hummus to customers in throughout the UK using a next day delivery service. Our falafel is ground fresh daily on the premises wholesfalafelwith fresh 100% vegan ingredients and our hummus is also make with fresh ingredients. We can delivery regular quantities on a daily basis with only a small minimum order of 100 pieces. Delivery is charged at standard postal rates and free samples can be provided on request. For all orders we require is 1 days notice and the falafel can be produced fresh and dispatched the following day and you can enquire online using the falafel supplier wholesale enquiry form below. Currently there are 4 types of Falafel that Elfalafel make. These are:

Regular Falafel
Spinach Falafel
Chilli Falafel
Falafel Burgers

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